Data Center Turn-Key Construction

Turn-Key Data Center Construction

Keystone’s sole business focus is on IT infrastructure. Our services include full turn-key installation and post-construction maintenance. Keystone believes the installation / maintenance combination is key in providing the lowest cost of ownership while maintaining high efficiency and versatility. How can you build a technical facility, if you do not know how it works and what it takes to provide service without sacrificing on-line reliability? And how can you design the Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) system you don’t understand the energy requirements and thermal dynamics of densely packed data center. A poorly installed mechanical system will result low reliability, low operating efficiencies and an overall high cost of ownership.

In short, we design, layout, specify the power requirements, generator backup systems, UPS backup systems and use our own in-house specialist that design and install the Computer Room A/C Systems. We treat this as an integrated system – not individual components that exist in the same room. This is what makes us different from so many others. We have the complete Data Center experience you need.

Simply put - the stakes are too high to risk your reputation.

Data Center Computer Room Retrofit and Upgrade

Computer Room Retrofit & Upgrade

Keystone has helped clients expand their facilities. Occasionally, it’s a complete Computer Room teardown and replacement, while more often, it’s an expansion to existing facilities, using a completely new generations of technologies. Keystone has what it takes to make the process organized, efficient and smooth flowing. We also have what it takes to integrate the newer systems with the existing systems.

Give Keystone a chance to be considered on your next Computer Room Retrofit or Replacement.
Data Center Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) Design and Installation

Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) Design & Installation

Keystone has some of the most advanced, highly trained Computer Room Air Conditioning teams in South Florida. We pride ourselves in not farming out the installation and maintenance of these systems. It’s that important to us. Our sole focus on IT infrastructure result in a high quality installation meeting or exceeding all CRAC manufacturers’ requirements.

Keystone is autonomous to any manufacturer and will install & maintain from a range of manufacturers providing a competitive lowest cost and best value for you. Our continuous exposure to industry trends and various applications, allows Keystone to select the best equipment manufacturer to meet the site requirements and budget.

After the sale and installation of the system, Keystone Critical Systems can insure non-stop reliability with its CRITICAL SITE MANAGEMENT SERVICES. We can provide a maintenance program for just the CRAC systems or a Total Site Maintenance program for all your support equipment including CRAC systems, generator, UPS/batteries and other miscellaneous general maintenance. Call us for details.

Data Center Power & Backup / Design and Installation

Data Center Power & Backup / Design & Installation

Critical Power / UPS / Battery Backup

Keystone understands the electrical demands on your data center and how to safeguard your systems will run without interruptions 24 / 7 / 365. By taking a proactive approach, the customer can to plan for repairs rather than react to equipment failures after the fact. We help make sure that your critical data systems never stop unexpectedly. Our clients counted on their data centers kept on running, even when Florida was confronted with the rare and unforeseen record setting 2004 hurricane season. We’ll help make sure your data centers never stop unexpectedly. We kept our customers running, even through back-to-back hurricanes.

Data Center Generator Backup System

Today’s small to medium size Data Centers and Server Rooms demand continues and reliable power to maintain 24 x 7 x 365 reliability grows even more complex. While the electrical grids in Central and South Florida have been strengthened to sustain unforeseen weather conditions, Data Center managers must plan for electrical interruptions.

Keystone has the experience to design, install and maintain Emergency Backup Generators that are needed to provide a secure and reliable secondary power source when the primary power source is interrupted.

Should there be an unplanned interruption, redundant Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) will automatically and smoothly transition in and safely carry the load until the Generator Backup System(s) phases in for non-stop service. Keystone has over 30 years of experience installing UPS systems from the most basic single-phase units, to sophisticated large scale, redundant dual bus 3-phase systems required for larger data centers.

Backup power systems are designed to meet your own specific data center needs based on redundancy level coverage time and the budget. Your backup generator system can be customized for longer run times, automatic transfer switches with bypass isolation for easy maintenance, sound attenuation enclosures for environmentally sensitive areas, or be housed in their own hardened buildings.

Data Center System Commissioning

Total Data Center System Commissioning

Keystone Critical Systems & Advisors understands the critical nature of commissioning post construction; checking the full operational ability of the facility and conducting a detailed comprehensive pre shakedown test of the facility. A complete record of the commissioning and testing procedure is provided upon completion and pre operation.

Client participation in the commissioning process allow them to experience the operation of the entire critical system. This is a good time also provide client training so when a real time event does occur, they are fully aware of system operation.

Data Center Automatic Transfer Switches

Transfer Switches

When the need arises, reliable transfer switches are critical for transferring power feeds from the one source to a backup or emergency power source, either planned or unplanned events. These systems can be automatic or manually operated, but they can not fail to operate as designed.

Let Keystone Critical Systems design and install a Power Transfer Switching System that can be customized to your specific needs and budget to provide emergency power solutions suited for your specific needs.

Data Center Surge Suppression

Surge Suppression

Florida is the lightning capital of the United States and experiences thunderstorms on nearly one-third of the days in a given year. Florida is surrounded by water, and on hot summer afternoons, we experience thunderstorms passing through almost daily. It’s interesting to note that both the Tampa area and the Southeastern portion of Florida have the highest rate of lightning related deaths in the nation. All of this lightning can cause power outages and huge surges that have to be stopped before they cause major data center losses. With so many lighting strikes in our work area, and over 30 years of experience in Data Centers, Keystone Critical Systems and Advisors a level of experience that few others in the nation have.

Give us a call and consider our proven track record the next time you need Surge Suppression Systems that help to keep your systems safe.

Data Center Fire Protection Suppression

Fire Protection 

With so much at stake in a data center or computer room, the ability to suppress a potential fire hazard is paramount with so much on the line.  Fire protection is provided with a wet or dry pipe (known as Pre-action) water sprinkler or a clean agent gas system combined with the sprinkler.  Florida code requirements are being amended so water sprinkler cannot be removed.  Thus when clean agent is added, it is the first stage of fire suppression.  Once the clean agent discharges, the sprinkler system provides a back up system in case the fire re-kindles.  Many will choose a Pre-action dry pipe sprinkler to remove the water from over-head piping in the critical space.

Additionally, the protected room has to be prepared or upgraded to meet code requirements.  Room preparation can include fire/smoke motor operated dampers, fire caulking on all room penetrations, exit signs, smoke purge fan, duct work and controls, electrical shunts and other amenities.  Keystone can provide a total package for the sprinkler, clean agent and all the room modifications in one single proposal.

The toughest part of building a data center is getting the required permits and inspections, especially from the appropriate local fire authorities. Let Keystone Critical Systems help design, build and maintain your fire protection and suppression systems. Keystone can help you get your fire protection and suppression systems up and running as if you were in the priority lane.


Data Center Smoke Detection Systems Installation

Smoke Detection Systems Installation & Monitoring

Where there is smoke, fire is close behind. In a computer room environment with high capacity batteries backup systems and high voltage lines feeding server rows and expensive air conditioning systems, fire is not something you ever want to see. When it comes to Data Centers, having a comprehensive network of Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus is a desired option. These systems continually sample the air from various points within the data center to provide continue real time monitoring to alert officials of an impending fire hazard. These VESDA systems buy the critical time needed to investigate an alarm and initiate an appropriate response to prevent injury, property damage and business disruption

Data Center Clean Agent Purge Systems

Clean Agent Purge Systems and Room Modifications

The moment you have a fire and your fire suppression systems release their clean agents to extinguish a fire, you now need Clean Agent Purge System to remove these clean agents. Keystone Critical Systems knows and understands the requirements of the NFPA and will help you navigate the strict guidelines for a clean agent environment. We’ve been doing this for years. We know what works and can make the process of installing a clean agent purge system smooth.

Also, the clean agent system is only part of the puzzle you need to consider. Room modifications may be required to contain the clean agent gas so I will quickly suppress the fire.

Room Modification considerations:

  • Fire caulk on all openings or holes.
  • Fire/smoke dampers with power and control wiring interface to Clean Agent Panel.
  • Door hardware accessories such as egress panic bars.
  • Exit and code required instructional signage.
  • Emergency lighting.
  • A/C shutdown wiring.

Keystone will provide a total package including all room modifications for your Clean Agent installation.

Data Center Water Detection System

Water Detection System

Water intrusion is the #2 reason for critical bus failure behind human error. Thorough CRAC maintenance can limit any condensate overflow, water intrusion can be from many other sources. A water detection system specifically designed for your site will alarm when a leak is detected.

There have been great strides made to Water Detection Systems in recent years to lower the cost. Leak detection cables and be strategically placed to offer leak detection at multiple points.

Let Keystone Crucial Systems and Advisors help you prevent future water damage by providing early detection and keep your data secure and your systems running smoothly.

Data Center Raised Floor Systems Installation

Raised Floor Systems Installation

Raised Floor Systems are common in computer rooms and/or IT data centers. They provide a hidden void beneath the floor where there is a need to route mechanical services, networking cabling, fire detection and suppression, security, water and drainage, and or electrical services. In some data centers, the void between the raised floors can act as a plenum to move large quantities of conditioned air from one area to another. This space can act as a return air system as well. Perforated floor tires act as grills in the floor tiles.

Panels are normally made of steel-clad particleboards or steel panel with cement inner cores, which measure 2 x 2 feet or 60x60 cm, are place on a metal framed substructure that that raises the panels to various heights. . Installing a Raised Floor System requires critical planning to determine current and anticipated loads. Let Keystone Critical Systems help design, install and maintain your next raised flooring system.