Keystone Critical Systems & Advisors is a single point of
    responsibility dedicated to Data Center & Mission Critical
    environments.As a full-service Data Center contractor with a
    focus on long-term risk mitigation, we assure a high level of
    consistency by integrating products and services that
    result in the best cost and value to the customer.

Free Computer Room A/C Audit

Are you confident your cooling systems are running at their highest level and any potential failures and their underlying root causes have been identified? Keystone’s data center application engineers and field specialist can audit your existing equipment for possible failures. Call now for details on our free audit program and how we can assist you in reducing your data center maintenance costs.

Data Center Construction Concepts

Data Center Construction Concepts and Budgeting

Keystone has over 30 years of proven experience and a track record of guiding clients through the entire data center build out process, what they should expect to pay, and a realistic timeline to completion.

Keystone Critical Systems sole business focus is the data center, each day, every day. Our constant involvement in the critical environment allows us to vet multiple products and recommend proven technologies to meet the design aspects of the project. Keystone is autonomous and independent of any manufacturer and can offer multiple equipment vendor selections to meet the reliability demands of the project and provide budget control restraints.
Let Keystone help you in the planning stages, provide you with concepts and help you with the budgeting process to get a data center or computer room done right. This is all we do.

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Data Center Design

Computer Room Layout and Design

Computer room layout and design is critical for a data center to operate reliably as well as efficiently. Analyzing the merits of a potential site in combination with the power density needs while adhering to a defined budget is critical. Our design strategies for initial capacity with future expansion are presented for client review and comment. Overall final design concepts will meet your current needs and include upgrade options projecting a designed future growth. At all times your systems are designed with the highest efficiency to keep energy costs at a minimum.

Give Keystone a call and let us show you the projects we’ve designed, built and have maintained. We do have the experience that top Data Center managers need. We know that you own reputation is on the line.

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Turn-Key Data Center Construction

Turn-Key Data Center Construction

Keystone is licensed in the state of Florida for both General Contracting (CBC1251172) and Mechanical Contracting (CAC1814851). Keystone’s ability to draw from the initial project stages of concept & budgeting and combining engineering details of system layout results in our turn-key services being more thorough and precise in understanding how equipment and its related installation is managed and executed. Additionally, the combination of General and Mechanical (GenMech) Contractor services provide a very high level of quality control. Mechanical systems play a large part of the environmental support system and if installed incorrectly, it is very difficult to change once placed on line and inherently becomes unreliable and inefficient. Our GenMech contractor services assure your site is staffed with experienced technicians and project management staff.

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Data Center Load Evaluation

Data Center Power & Cooling Load Evaluation

Keystone can assist you in evaluating your power usage and cooling needs. Today’s dynamic IT facility changes frequently and the resulting power levels and cooling requirements are sometimes not monitored and overlooked until it too late. Keystone can provide a “Power and Cooling Load Evaluation” to detail existing load versus installed equipment summary. It can then be determined what level of redundancy you think you have versus what you actually have. This information can assist you in determining required upgrades and budgeting.

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Data Center Power

Data Center Emergency Power Design

Understanding the power requirements for a data center is critical to derive a proper foundation of the electrical design and matching mechanical systems. The option to include redundancy takes place at this level as well as inclusion of making the overall system versatile to operate and maintain. Our designs will include various redundancy levels and equipment manufacturers to select from and to provide the highest level of reliability versus cost benefit.

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Hurricane Preparedness

Data Center Hurricane Preparedness

Not to long ago, South and Central Florida experienced a record setting 3 back-to-back, direct hit hurricanes in a six-week period. Find out how Keystone Critical Systems helped keep its high profile client’s data centers up and running - without interruptions while surrounding businesses struggled during this historic hurricane season. We know what matters to businesses with critical data systems.

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Data Center Air Conditioning

Computer Room A/C (CRAC)Maintenance Services

Computer Room A/C systems continue to increase in sophistication. Features like Hot/cold aisle containment, monitoring and control systems, new equipment features, make the maintenance service aspects increasingly more challenging to keep up to date with the technology. Keystone CRAC service specialist work on CRAC systems every day and can diagnose fault conditions much more quickly and accurately. This results in a lower MTTR. Also CRAC equipment is less expensive to maintain and operates at higher efficiency levels when properly maintained.

Keystone can provide free CRAC audits of your existing equipment. Call us for details.

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