The Keystone Critical Systems been Jupiter Medical Center’s Datacenter support company since the day they opened and our relationship with Don Cleaver going back even years before that. The folks at Keystone are experts in their field with vast knowledge of data center systems including CRAC units, UPS systems, construction, containment, and localized cooling and much more. Keystone will only recommend Datacenter equipment that meets the most stringent requirements and they will not yield to unknown or lesser quality equipment in a critical 24/7 environment. Most importantly, Keystone is certainly not a pie in the sky company that talks a big game but does not deliver where it counts. They have an expert team that brings the design discussions to reality by offering extremely high quality work on installations, implementations, and projects. Furthermore, The Keystone team also keeps the equipment running throughout proactive maintenance programs, testing, and PM services. Keystone has NEVER failed our organization and have our unyielding confidence and appreciation for a ‘job well done’ for more years than I can count. 

James Lonano 
Director Technical Services

Jupiter Medical Center

Keystone Critical Systems and Advisors recently completed a very difficult mechanical upgrade project for us in our downtown Miami Colocation facility. The project was an extremely difficult project in which we worked in a live data center as customers began to expand and grow within the space. This project took much coordination, and required multiple levels of approvals throughout its course. I would not have trusted many mechanical contractors to complete the scope of work, especially considering the specific customers in which we needed to coordinate with and complete work within their caged areas. Keystone did a wonderful job in communicating all efforts through our required change control policy, coordinating with our Landlord in this building, and in all, completing a very challenging project with zero interruption to our operations or facility.I would recommend Keystone to any other Data Center providers for mechanical work performed. Definitely one of the stronger contractors, specifically in the SE region/market.

Tony Qorri
Director of Construction

Zayo Group

 EdgeConneX has established a working relationship with Keystone Associates to maintain and repair the mechanical systems for our key Miami, FL Data Center.  EdgeConneX initially held a relationship with a large mechanical shop in Florida that was under performing and making many procedural issues causing us to seek better service.  Keystone Associates is a premier data center supplier for services that contribute to the stability and longevity of the data center assets. Keystone’s work ethic, skills and knowledge of a data center environment are excellent reflected well by the quality and professionalism of their technicians and management staff. EdgeConneX has not experienced any downtime or human error work since bringing Keystone on as our mechanical supplier.  With another Miami data center being built EdgeConneX will utilize Keystone Associates for that site as well.  Keystone is considered a trusted partner providing EdgeConneX staff peace of mind knowing that the critical environment is running properly and efficiently.  We highly recommend Keystone Associates as a premier data center supplier.

Richard Werner
Director of Operations


I don’t quite remember how I was introduced to Keystone but I sure am glad that I was. I have been working with Keystone for the past 4 years and have come to rely on them for both their service and technical assistance.Keystone managed the replacement of two 400 ton chillers for our main operations center flawlessly with no down time or mistakes, coordinating with the manufacturer and the controls provider to deliver a complete system. They have provided technical services with our generators and electrical systems as well as providing service for our data center and base building cooling plant.When I needed information on fire suppression, my first call was to Keystone. I got the answers I needed along with building code references and budget numbers. They are definitely a good resource for both planning and implementation.

Roy Hennessy
Project Manager / Facilities Management


Over my many years in the Colocation industry, I have dealt with many mechanical contractors.  Few have shown the level of professionalism, skill, and attention to detail as Keystone. This is why I put my trust in them to maintain my Critical Systems.  I believe a contractor is only as good as the technician who shows up to service my units, and Keystone’ Technicians have proven time and again that they are the best choice in the industry for 365 Data Centers.


Daniel Calderon
Facility Director

365 Data Centers