Data Center Maintenance

Data Center Maintenance

Did you know that up to 90% of unexpected data center incidents are caused from electrical and mechanical cooling systems? Without proper maintenance contracts, your data center may be the next to experience an unplanned event. These events get noticed – and quickly. They drive your operating costs through the roof and reduce your center’s overall efficiency rating. Worse – all eyes immediately focus on you. Keystone Critical System can put you in a positive light and we have the track record to prove it.

Do you have qualified air conditioning technicians servicing your Computer Room A/C Systems? We do, and we have over 30 years dedicated to keeping these highly specialized systems up on running.

Today’s equipment requires an advance level of technical expertise to maintain the high levels of reliability necessary to meet IT demands.

Key advantages of Keystone’s CRITICAL SITE MANAGEMENT SERVICE:

In-house Mechanical and Electrical Engineering: Many solutions for proper maintenance require application engineering skill sets. This avoids repetitive repairs for an application-oriented issue. Additionally, Keystone’s Information Technology application engineering overview is to analyze your entire site environmental system including utility feed, generator, ATS, power distribution, cooling, fire suppression, interlocking controls, physical room integrity and confirms the viability of the overall system synergy.

Our SITE MANAGEMENT SERVICE can provide a solution to manage all your environmental systems, just the cooling system or anywhere in between. Our SITE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS are site specific and custom fit to meet your needs.

OVERALL SITE SOLUTION may include the following:

  • UPS & Battery Service Contracts
  • Generator Service Contracts
  • Clean Agent and Sprinkler Service Contracts
  • UPS Battery Replacements
  • Ground Integrity Testing
  • Vibration Testing
  • Power Quality Analysis and Reporting
  • Equipment Failure Forensics
  • Site Integrity Review of Equipment Meeting Manufacturer's Specifications
  • System Integration and Confirmation Testing
  • 24/7/365 Reliability


Trained and Skilled Technicians: Keystone strives to provide continuous training for our technicians in maintaining and repairing CRAC systems. Properly trained and skilled technicians supported by in-house engineering and available parts provide client critical system support unmatched by any other CRAC agency in South Florida.

Parts Availability: Keystone inventories more Liebert CRAC parts than any other service company performing Liebert CRAC service in South Florida. Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) is greatly reduced when parts are readily available.

  • All technicians certified to work on CRAC systems.
  • Service vans include a full inventory of Liebert CRAC system factory parts.
  • Condenser fan motors, both variable and constant speed
  • Condenser fan speed controller
  • High and low pressure switches for both Deluxe and DS models
  • Condenser fan blades
  • Compressor and reheat contactors
  • Full array of fuses
  • Infra-red humidifier light bulbs
  • Humidifier sump float
  • Factory condensate pumps, 480V
  • Fan belts
Data Center Battery Maintenance

UPS & Battery Service Contracts

Keystone Critical Systems offers a wide range of service contracts to maintain your UPS system, batteries, DC power plant and other critical power equipment. Our programs include both preventive maintenance and on-call emergency service needs.

Our maintenance programs include state-of-the-art testing and diagnostic methodology and equipment that is designed to keep your systems running smoothly, or get that equipment back on line quickly. We specialize in providing complete service protection for the all major manufacturers in the UPS industry including: Emerson/Liebert, Eaton/Powerware, APC/MGE, Mitsubishi, Toshiba and many other legacy brands.

Data Center Generator Maintenance

Generator Service Contracts

Power outages happen more often than many imagine. If you’re serious about counting on your generators to provide uninterrupted power, Keystone Critical Systems can help you count on those systems working when and if they are needed.

Because backup systems sit idle for prolonged periods of the time, regularly scheduled maintenance is crucial to ensure a smooth transition when they are called upon to maintain critical buss.

Keystone Critical Systems performs the following services:

  • Checks built-in battery chargers are working as designed
  • Performs routine generator starter battery tests
  • Tests transfer switching systems are working as specified
  • Validates monitoring systems
  • Performs routine generator maintenance
  • Perform 24-hour emergency services
  • Provide preventative maintenance plans
Data Center Clean Agent Maintenance

Clean Agent / Pre-Action & Sprinkler Systems

Clean agent suppression systems are a key component for fire suppression in mission critical faculties. When a fire breaks out within data center, water would be fine if the safety of the occupants in the facility or destroying millions of dollars of electronics wasn’t an issue, but it is.

Standard building codes often mandate automatic sprinkler systems to be used to protect the building based on the use and size of the building. They do not permit alternatives extinguishing systems in lieu of sprinklers under certain conditions. Let Keystone help you navigate local fire code ordinances to get you on your way to installing a modern Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems and / or provide maintenance to your Clean Agent Sprinkler Systems

Also, there are a number of ROOM MODIFICATIONS that are required when installing a clean agent system.

  • Fire caulking all room penetrations
  • Motor operated fire/smoke dampers
  • Fire rated doors and egress accessories
  • Purge duct fan system and controls
  • Emergency lighting
  • Shunt trip controls for CRAC systems.

Keystone can assist you by providing a TOTAL PACKAGE INCLUDING ALL THE ROOM MODIFICATIONS.

Data Center Power Quality Analysis

Power Quality Analysis

Let face it, systems and equipment get moved around. This can often affect “load balancing” which can later become an issue, often, at the worst possible moment. Also, electrical power issues such as poor grounding sometimes lead to server erratic operation. We can identify these issues and recommend corrective action.

By allowing Keystone to come into your facility to analyze your power systems, we can confirm to you if your power is up to the specified requirements and ideally, identify power problems that cam lead to equipment failure downstream that can be costly. Keystone has the total data center experience needed to make a difference in improved reliability of the entire systems to keep your data center running smoothly. Call for a Power Quality Analysis

Data Center Load Bank Testing

Load Bank Testing

Many times your electrical back up equipment such as UPS and generator operate at a low percentage of its full load capacity. An artificial load such as an electrical load bank can be connected to fully load equipment to its design capacity. This full load operation allows equipment internal components to be subjected to thermal heat stresses not seen under low load conditions. This low load condition with dual bus UPS systems exists where each UPS powers 50% of the load.

Generator load bank testing should be performed at least once per year. No load or low load operation allows carbon buildup in the exhaust system which can greatly impede reliable operation. A full load capacity test can assure the generator will operate when you need it the most.

Test your equipment so you have the confidence it will perform when needed. Call Keystone for details on how to perform load testing with your new or existing systems.

Data Center Vibration Testing

Vibration Testing Consulting

Predictive maintenance with vibration analysis and thermal imaging is just what you need to prevent the next unexpected failure.

Vibration analysis helps managers by:

  • Controlling downtime by anticipating problems earlier
  • Eliminate recurring failures by identifying root causes
  • Proactively set repair priorities
  • Analysis of:
    • Motors
    • Fans and blowers
    • Belts and chain drives
    • Gearboxes
    • Pumps
    • Compressors
    • Spindles

Keystone "SMOOTH SAILING" vibration analysis program includes:

  • Vibration Analysis
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Full Report
Data Center Equipment Failure Forensics

Equipment Failure Forensics

All too often, service companies simply replace things that are broken. We’ve seen cases were a firm will replace a number of large air conditioning compressors without understanding the root cause of the problem. By conducting a series of tests, measuring power quality, measuring vibration and evaluating thermal images in combination with reviewing the equipment application Keystone has the experience to get to the root cause of reoccurring problems. By remedying the underlying issue(s), re-occurrence of failures is prevented and overall operating efficiencies are improved.

Data Center UPS Battery Replacement

UPS Battery Replacement

Keystone has full UPS battery replacement services. UPS sealed valve regulated batteries should have scheduled replacement every 5-7 years. Our services include an evaluation of the existing battery size to determine if the battery jar size is too large or too small for the ride through times you desire. Call Keystone for your UPS battery services. .

Data Center Cleaning

Data Center Cleaning

Because any material, substance, particle, chemical, or other undesirable substance that is unwanted can taint, pollute, defile, make impure or unclean, or adversely affect the process or product, regularly scheduled cleanings are a critical component to a well maintained facility.
Harmful contaminations take many forms such as: particulate, chemicals (including gases), electro-static discharge, bacteria, and molds. These contaminants reside in all types of data center surfaces including equipment, cable trays, ceilings, walls, floors, and subfloors. Don’t leave your sensitive equipment to general janitorial companies. Have the peace of mind that the technicians in your server room are trained to work in live Data Center environments, safely.

Data center cleaning requires removing gross contamination (5 microns) as well as unseen particles (.5 microns), which could harm sensitive server, network and data storage equipment. Ensure the technicians in your facility are specially trained according to ASHRAE, ISO 14644, and IEST standards for cleaning data centers. These are complex and critical environments that normal cleaners do not have the expertise to deal with.
Keystone Critical Systems & Advisors can help keep your facility clean according to the highest standards ensuring both your equipment and employees are protected against toxic and damaging chemicals.