Complying with Florida's Generator Mandate for Assisted Living Facilities

Complying with Florida's Generator Mandate for Assisted Living Facilities

Generator Mandate for Florida Assisted Living Facilities

The Florida Department of Elder Affairs has mandated a Nursing Home Emergency Power Plan requiring emergency environmental control for assisted living facilities in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.  This emergency rule establishes a process for the Department of Elder Affairs to ensure that licensees of assisted living facilities develop and implement plans that ensure ambient temperatures will be maintained at or below 80 degrees Fahrenheit or less for a minimum of ninety-six (96) hours in the event of the loss of electrical power to an assisted living facility.



As outlined in The Florida Administrative Register, vol 43, Number 180 dated September 18, 2017 nursing homes have until November 2, 2017 (within 45 days of effective date) to provide a detailed plan outlining the following:

  • Acquisition of a sufficient generator
  • Acquisition and safe maintenance of sufficient fuel
  • Acquisition of services to install, maintain and test functionality

Once approved, facilities have 60 days to implement the above approved plan. This will require planning and strategy on how this will be accomplished on a fast track basis. 

As a single-source of responsibility, Keystone Critical Systems & Advisors can bring you into compliance by handling the following:

  1.        Load evaluation to determine the size of the emergency power generator.

  2.        The amount of fuel required to maintain 80°F for 96 hours.

  3.        Physical location of the generator to prevent exhaust infiltration into the occupied space.

  4.        Evaluation of existing building electrical system to allow distribution of generator power to
           intended cooling and other emergency loads.

  5.        A detailed written Method of Procedure (MOP) on how the system will be connected to existing
           building power distribution.

  6.        Schedule of equipment and installation.

  7.        Electrical and mechanical engineering documentation

  8.        Permits

  9.        System testing with documentation for agency approval and record.

  10.        On-going maintenance procedures

Keystone Critical Systems & Advisors is a Florida based single-point of responsibility contractor providing full turn-key on generator installations. Keystone can provide the entire design & build requirements including engineering design, general construction, electrical, mechanical, permitting, testing, documentation and ongoing maintenance.