Advantages of Environmental Managed Service Providers

Advantages of Environmental Managed Service Providers

Advantages of Environmental Managed Service Providers (EMSP)

An EMSP is a service provider that manages all the environmental systems supporting the hardware & software systems. These typically include UPS power & distribution, generator, cooling and fire protection.  

As a natural extension of the managed service for hardware and software, EMSP provides the client overall reliability, efficiency and stability.  A single point of contact reduces complexity and provide a consistent data environment.  Clients are always pressed for doing more with less and a service relieving them of this burdensome task is a plus in their minds.  Clients want to focus on their overall core business strategies and growth, not on becoming environmental specialists.  Enhanced value added reseller support allows clients to allocate their staff to manage core business strategies.  This removes hiring additional staff outside of the core business and reduces staffing cost.

Today’s data center environments managed by an experienced person will be well received by the IT manager.  There also may be legacy technical issues never realized and brought to the surface when the data center is analyzed by experienced technical personnel.  The ultimate goal is to take a data center from a break-fix scenario to a managed site with a predictive, consistent and reliable operation.  The data center operation should reside in the background, out of mind and have minimal impact on day to day IT tasks.  This provides a real advantage with value in the avoidance of costly downtime, loss of productivity and ultimate profit losses. 


Environmental Managed Services include: What is an Environmental Managed Service Provider? 

  • Full review/analysis of existing facility with recommendations.
  • UPS/power distribution.
  • Battery replacement.
  • Generator and Automatic Transfer Switch
  • Cooling.
  • Racks and containment.
  • Clean agent & sprinkler fire protection.
  • Data center cleaning.
  • Water detection.
  • General construction services

Increase bottom line revenue

Business’ engage MSPs to provide a valued technology service improving reliability and operational consistency.  This service is essential for VARs to provide the “Value Add” result where the customer receives a benefit for the cost.  The greater the benefit allows for a larger revenue stream for the VAR.  Environmental Managed Services complement your efforts in providing customer satisfaction benefit.  It’s very simple, computer and software do not function without stable power and cooling.  


Add Value with IT Managed Services

MSPs furnish value to the client with specific expertise in both hardware and software integration.  The client is sometimes lacking this expertise because of the level of training and staffing of the dynamic technological horizon.  Small to medium size businesses don’t have the expertise depth on numerous platforms and depend on VARs to provide this capability, either temporary or permanent, to deploy a technical application for the lowest cost. 

Many times the computer hardware is considered a commodity item and the major income stream is now with custom managed services.  The custom services provide a means to differentiate from the competition based on expertise, product selection, methodology and price.  The environmental service can further extend the differentiation to a level the competition will not be able to provide.

Additionally, the IT manager tasked with managing on premises environmental support will welcome this expanded offering.  The piece of mind delivered by having an experienced technical provider looking over the environmental systems can relieve a great amount of pressure to assure total system reliability and uptime.  

Overall, the combination of IT managed services and a high level EMSP will provide a competitive edge and add value to your firm where the competition will struggle to match.


Improve Customer Relationship

Clients continuously face challenges to provide solutions and minimal time to do it.  Managed service providers with environmental support will improve your customer relationship because of the breadth of the support you will be able to provide.  Virtually you will have knowledge of anything occurring inside the critical space from new applications, hardware/software upgrades, environmental equipment supportupgrades and more.  Your firm can become the overall solution contact for all the IT needs.  A customer relationship doesn’t get much better that this.  The general rule that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers is enhanced because you offer a wider range of services.  This results in a higher revenue from each existing client. 


Eliminate Break / Fix Mentality

Environmental support systems for data centers are very much different from comfort or office style environmental systems.  High nines reliability combined with system efficiency are of utmost concern.  Data center applications require equipment to operate 24x7x365 and are more robust than office cooling and basic commercial power distribution. 

Data center EMSP companies perform maintenance procedures on a pro-active basis.  High reliability demands finding any potential failures in advance so corrective action can be performed on a scheduled basis.  Break-fix scenarios are totally unacceptable in the critical facility.  EMSP are experts in data center environmental equipment and the interaction of all the system synergy.  The end result is the environmental system resides in the background allowing the client to focus on core business products whilst all systems are operating at its highest efficiency.